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Posted06 / 05 / 2019

Server Information

Welcome to Golden Ages Season II Mu. We are ready to provide you a unique gameplay. For more info press on the Server Information tab.


Join to our discord channel:


DOWNLOAD HERE: (run Launcher.Exe as administrator)
Maybe you need to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable All In One. You can find a link to Files Section.
Also notice your windows defender, it mays delete some files from client.
If you got any problems Join to our discord or make a ticket to Contact Us Section or in our FB Page : Golden Ages MU 

Do not forget to vote every 12h,you will earn 10 credits!



Server Version: Season II (1.02R+)    
Server Location: UK    
Srver UpTime: 24/7     

 Premium Server Files,Website,AntiHack,Dedicated Server               
Server Information
Experience: 60x (weekend 80x)     
Gold Party Bonus Exp: +20%     
Drop rate: 30%     
Max level: 400     
Max resets: 10     
New max resets: 12 (Will rise after: 1 month)     
Spots: In All Maps               
Keep stats: No     
Reset points: 400     
Reset Zen: 20 mil x Reset Number     
Clear PK Zen: 20 mil x Kills     
Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG/DL - 7     
Guild create level: 100     
Max item level: +13+16 add     
Item duration on the floor: 30 seconds     
Item dropped by other players can be picked up after: 30 seconds     
Zen duration on the floor: 30 seconds     
Server events: BC / DS / Golden Invasions / Chaos Castle / Castle Siege / Illusion Of Kundun / Skeleton King / Red Dragon / White Whizard/ Kanturu / Loren Deep     

Blood Castle  Rewards:

BC 1,2,3,4:     
Box Of Kundun +1~2     
BC 5,6,7:     
Box Of Kundun +3~5

Red Dragon Reward: Box+2
Skeleton King Reward: Rings/Ped/Jwls
Chaos Castle: Ancient items/Jwls


Hall Of Fame - Unique Configuration / Prizes
Every Day PK Events with Prizes

Custom Attack System Hot!

Enable attack with command /attack 1 1 7

Auto Attack/Auto Pick(jwls,exc items,ancient items)

Custom OffAttack System

Auto OffAttack Enable with command /offattack

Free: 8 Hours , Vip 1 16 Hours, Vip 2 24 Hours

-Reconnection System      
-Party Reconnection 

Store Settings

Sell items for: Bless,Soul,Jol,Harmony etc

Offstore Service: type: /offstore


Attack= /attack 1 1 7
OffAttack= /offattack
Store= /storebless,  /storesoul
Offstore= /offstore
Addstats = /addstr , /addagi etc vit , ene , cmd.
Autoparty = /re auto 1234 > and then party, (both characters must have same re auto code)
Pack Jewels= /pack bless 10
Part Jewels = /part bless 10

Spots all the maps: Yes

Success Rates

Jewel of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 55%     
Jewel of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 75%     
Jewel of Life Success Rate: 60%     
Wings Lvl 1 100%
Wings Lvl 2 90%     

Posted10 / 05 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.